Man 4gets Wife… On Top of Car

I hate to admit this, but I am guilty of setting things atop my Jeep while I open the driver door… and then forgetting I sat whatever it was atop said Jeep. This wouldn’t be such a problem if 95% of us didn’t take off down the road with coffee cups, folders, and wives still on top of our moving vehicles. Yeah… wives.
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Facebook Ruins Prize-winning Garden

There are 10 (heh) types of people in the world. Those who love Facebook/Myspace and spend every waking moment on the site and stalk their friends through the web pages, and those who would rather be dragged through broken glass and submerged in lemon juice than spend more than five seconds adding new applications and friending spammers.
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Alcohol Causes Intoxication

Now, I don’t claim to be an aficionado in the realm of alcohol, but I do know that fermented beverages tend to make one a tad inebriated when consumed. This is more information than Iancu Boroi, 35, has, however. Boroi has apparently lodged an official complaint to the trading standards agency after getting drunk off of beer. To give the man some credit, it was only one beer.

Iancu Boroi… said he had bought the beer at a local supermarket in Arges in southern Romania but was so drunk after drinking just one can that he nearly passed out.

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Alcohol and Knives Don’t Mix

A Russian electrician came away from a great night out drinking with his buddies only to find that he had a large knife driven four inches into his back. Yuri Laylin, 53, and some buddies were playing a variation of Russian roulette that led to the knife being shoved into his back. Russian roulette has never made much sense to me, and I don’t guess I would be a big fan of ANY variation of the incredibly stupid game. This variation of it is a pretty simple game really. You get a few friends together, get wasted, tie a blindfold around one guys eyes, give him a knife, then dance around him while he makes stabbing motions at you. Sounds like an exciting night!
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Robbing the Dead

A 23-year-old from Spain woke up one day and decided that robbing a mortuary was an intelligent thing to do. Shockingly enough, as it turns out… it wasn’t.
Neighbors of the funeral home called in a disturbance to police when they heard the doors being forced open during the middle of the night.

Apparently, the sounds of the police arriving terrified the young would-be-thief into playing possum, and he laid out on the table normally used in wake viewings.
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