Episode 95 – “They are Totally Linguistic!!”

hugeboobsStephen and I got mega chatty and ridiculously giggley for this episode… which means the stories were amazing! I am not sure what was in the water, but Stephen about popped his eyeballs out a few time from laughing so hard. We talked about foot odor so bad it caused a ten year legal case, boobs so big they might explode, a drunken prank so lame that a bowl of half eaten beans were stolen, stark trek, fox pee, zombies, and pigeons down some guys pants!
Our thoughts go out to Matt and his family <3

Factoid of the Week
Fossils from northeastern Colombia reveal the biggest snake ever discovered: a behemoth that stretched 42 to 45 feet long, reaching more than 2,500 pounds!!!!!

Take a bath, would ya?!
Jessica Rabbit’s got nothin’ on her!
“Very, Very Drunk and Stupid”
Where no man has gone b4
CraZy like a FoX!
Better than a kick in the face I guess
Next, they’ll pull a rabbit out!
Is that a pigeon in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?
911, hold on a sec…so how much is a dime bag?

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Running Time: 1:21:26

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