Episode 102 – “Ouch! I Think It’s Teething!”

birthdayWe are two years old, folks! Stephen and I cannot even begin to express (although we might attempt it in our own rambling way) how appreciative we are that you guys have stuck with us every week for two years. You guys are amazing and we seriously love you all. And, just to stop the emotional dribble spewing forth:
Redneck ninja (o.m.g.), Scandinavian aliens (the ones that make crop circles), potty pork, stink free undies, and one bad night of biting and cuffs.


Factoid of the Week
Napoleon wasn’t short. At 5 feet, 7 inches, he was taller than the average French man of the era. The popular myth about his height is the result of his nickname, Le Petit Caporal (The Little Corporal). Early in Napoleon’s military career, French soldiers used the moniker to mock his low position on the Army’s Officer totem pole.

Sexy Flowers
Scandinavian Aliens
Smell Free Undies!
Should Have Waited
Handcuffs and Biting are sometimes bad
Boone County Ninja
Stephen, is this you?
Potty Porks
Virginity Fail
Midget Cha who a

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Running Time: 1:17:58

Author: Smashie

She's scatterbrained and filled with coconut oil at best.

2 thoughts on “Episode 102 – “Ouch! I Think It’s Teething!””

  1. Lol wow its really obvious Ash made that thanks up lol 😛
    But anyways gratz guys i know this means alot to youQ

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