Episode 105 – My Balls Are On Fire!

python fenceI don’t even remember what we stories we read this week! Stephen and I had so much freaking fun doing the show and were highly entertained by people in the chat (Hi, Shannon!). Thursdays are becoming the highlight of my week. I feel like I get to go spend an hour and a half with a bunch of my buddies and talk about sex 😀
This week we talked about *checks notes*: A man who tried to one up last weeks man and bit his OWN penis off, a man who was “tortured” by being forced to have sex for 48 hours, a man who bit a snake (wtf, youre doing it wrong!), a man who peed on a woman, and a man who sprayed his pee on books… o_O

What is WRONG with people?!

Factoid of the Week:
The average lead pencil will draw a line 35 miles long or write approximately 50,000 English words.

Theif gets tortured/pleasured…compains about it
Hardcore Kenyan bits a freakin’ snake!
More bad parenting/stupid people
That’ll show her!
Attack of the Poo Bandit!
Attack of the Pee Pee Bandit!
Who needs hair gel? I just use live birds!
Dude bites his OWN junk <—-submitted by Shannon

Download it Here! (Right-click, Save As…)
Running Time: 1:31:07

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