H&H Episode 150 LIVE – Podcasts Before Hot Ass

I know I have said this before, but I honestly think this is the most fun I have ever had doing a show before. You guys completely blew me away with your awesomeness. Thank you SO much to BHyphen, James, Vash, and Coleman Ranahan for calling in during the show. A HUGE thank you to Vash, Ric, Lilwill, and Bhyphen for helping us with the intro. That was crazy fun times 🙂 Stephen and I have a very important announcement for this show, but we left it at the end so as to not be depressing. This was also a poo episode. I’m not sure where all the poo news was hiding, but we definitely found it. Poo sammiches, poo oil, poo in cars… and also one very random meat meeting massacre. A big thanks to Chip and all his amazing note finding! Enjoy the show guys! We had way too much fun making it :
Factoid of the Week
When glass breaks, the cracks move faster than 3,000 miles per hour. To photograph the event, a camera must shoot at a millionth of a second!

Flying Fish
Mouth To Crotch Resuscitation
Poo Sammich
Meat Stabbing
Sewer Potty Oil
Pooing In Cars
Bees are Badass
Escaping to Prison

Download it Here! (Right Click, Save As…)
Running Time: 2 Hours of CRAZY

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