Episode 204 – Ashley’s Celebrity Butt Party

This episode of H&H is brought to you by none other than Mr. Chris Moreno! The world famous, world travelling, comic-con going superhero is back on the show for another episode of hilariously inappropriate conversation! Seriously, what show can you go listen to a comic book artist talk about stuff that has nothing to do with comics? Download it, and let the awesomeness inject itself into your earholes!
Factoid of the Week:
Americans consumed 76 billion pounds of red meat and poultry in the year 2000, up 21% from a decade earlier.

Chris Moreno’s Work!
Chris Moreno’s Deviant Art page
DJ Kirkbride’s Do You Believe in Ninjas?

North Dakota is a Pooper
That Was Unexpected
This Stripper has a Pole…For Reals!

Download it Here! (Right-click, Save As…)
Running Time: 1:30:00 give or take 0_o

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