Episode 246 – “The Fattening”

uhaultruckStephen and I have finally beaten our way through the jungles of dor-gu’n and made our way across the thirsty wastes of alla-hassum… Dead Air tried to take us away from you, but we have thwarted his evil plans! HnH is BACK and 2.0-afied! Stay tuned to have your faces… MELTED.
Factoid of the Week:
Adolph and Rudi Dassler formed Dassler Brothers Shoes in Germany in 1925. After World War II the partnership broke up, but each brother kept a piece of the shoe business. Rudi called his new company Puma ; Adolph, whose nickname was Adi, renamed the old company after himself-Adi Dassler

Words of Wisdom
Listen and attend with the ear of your heart. -St. Benedict

Grandmother Stuffs Body in Trunk
Don’t Text and Walk
Le Stink
Men Experience Childbirth

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Running Time: 1:16:32

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