Episode 307 – Starfish Have Gonads

This week on HnH, we discuss the naked woman that leapt out of a car in Russia, 3 very naked fast food burger burglars, a man that grabbed something from his bum and stuffed it into his mouth (it isn’t what you think) and Chinese Crab Walkers (I imagine this is a step up from cabbage walking). 

Factoid of the week:
In 1935, Australia, fisherman captured a 3.5 meter tiger shark, it vomited up another smaller shark which vomited up a human arm; the arm was used to solve a murder.

Naked Jack-In-The-Box
3 Naked Burglars
Crab Walkers Needed

Words of Wisdom:
A lie travels round the world while truth is putting her boots on. – French Proverb

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