Episode 319 – Fried Bacon Bonanza

Is anyone going to do NanoWriMo with Stephen this month? I’m thinking about doing it… but the commitment to the amount of words and time is scary and I don’t wanna.  Ok, I just publicly committed to doing it.  Dear Lord, help me; this is a bad decision… Do I have time to write?  YES… and so do you!  If you are going to NanoWriMo, hook up with with Stephen and I and lets make awesome books and become millionaires!  And retire to Belize.  And eat mangos.  

Factoid of the Week:
While Shakespeare is attributed as the author to the often wrongly quoted phrase “all that glistens is not gold” it was, in fact, first said in the 12th century by philosopher Alain de L’Isle who said: “Do not hold everything that shines like gold.”

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Woman Squirts Breast Milk
Rectum? Darn Near Killed’em!
Tiger Porn!
Don’t Throw Out the Meatballs!

Words of Wisdom:
Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love. – Mother Teresa

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