The Apocalypse Is Nigh!

A bunch of Russian crazies have managed to blockade themselves inside and old pre-revolutionary convent claiming that the world is ending! Not only that the world is ending, but also that processed food, credit cards, and bar codes are all the work of Satan. We all knew that, right? But what sense does it make to block yourself in and wait for your certain doom?
Alexander Yelatontsev, who has been handling the case of these people, is mostly worried about the children who have been sucked into this insane idea. There are 30 followers, 4 of them children, who are locked up in this hillside fortress awaiting the fall of the world around them. They are part of a Russian Doomsday cult whose leaders says that the world would end in April or May of this year. Spring is such a nice time for the world to end, don’t you think? Officials in Russia have been in contact with the group since they went into their fortress of solitude, and are slowly making progress in having them relinquish the children.

These proud doom evaders have sworn off processed food, and have burned up their passports and credit cards. They will only except fresh food from the outside world, and have even asked to have a cow delivered so that they can have fresh boiled milk. One thing that I don’t understand about this whole thing is that these Russian officers keep giving these people stuff! Why?! If you want them to come out of the hole, then you have to deprive them of things. I guess the children is the main concern, but delivering a cow?! Honestly!

The craziest thing is that their leader, Pyotr Kuznetsov, chose not to go underground with his followers. He was too busy being arrested and examined by psychiatrists!

I don’t know what it looks like in your neck of the woods, but I think the world is going to be just fine. For now anyway. Put on your tin-foil hat just to be safe.

Source: Reuters

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