Episode 82 – “Where Do You Get That Much Ostrich”

I have laughed so hard the last two hours, that I’m pretty sure I am going to just throw up and die. My stomach is in pain, and I wanna curl up in bed and pass out. I spent three hours driving back up here, then another 30 going to a costume shop to get my hat for my costume, then sat for 2 more hours doing the shows. My butt hurts, I’m so tired… and I seriously just can’t laugh anymore. Woman attacks cops with a used girly item, a man pees on a dog in horny ire, a beach goes missing, and a man leaves his thumb at a brothel. I can has sleep now?
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The Apocalypse Is Nigh!

A bunch of Russian crazies have managed to blockade themselves inside and old pre-revolutionary convent claiming that the world is ending! Not only that the world is ending, but also that processed food, credit cards, and bar codes are all the work of Satan. We all knew that, right? But what sense does it make to block yourself in and wait for your certain doom? Continue reading “The Apocalypse Is Nigh!”