Let’s Read…Naked!

A whole bunch of German hippies are getting together today to read a book about being a nudist. The catch: they are all naked! The book they are reading is all about Naturism, which from what I gather is about natural stuff. Sounds simple right? It probably isn’t, but for the sake of this article, I’ll just take a few liberties and make up things. That’s what we do here after all!
Naturism was very popular before the Berlin Wall fell a handful of years back. Unfortunately for these hair hippy people, the crumbling of the wall also brough about the crumbling of their naked freedom. Gone were the days of stripping off those restraining garments at summer nudie camps. Gone were the times you could just stare at boobs without consequence. More importantly, gone were the dozens of guys displaying their wangs for the world to see, which was something most people wouldn’t mind no longer seeing. These tree people had to put back on their clothes and fit in with normal society. Anyway, let’s pull the bus back on the road.

Now author Thomas Kupfermann has written a book about the subject, compiling snapshots and memories from leading lights in the naturist movement.

So basically what they are saying is that this dude has created a book with naked people in it and wrote all about the naturist movement. These Germans seem to feel like the only way to properly display their love for the idea is to gather in a grungy bookstore where they can stay naked and read together. Thank God the German authorities are putting up giant curtains to keep unsuspecting bystanders for catching a glimpse of their uncle Johnny’s man meat. No one could grow up right after that.

If any of you would like to join the happy tree friends who are naked… a lot, then you can hitch aride on the German nudist flight to a spa on the Baltic Coast. This will be launched in the future. For now, you’ll just have to go gather at a bookstore and celebrate your bodies AKA get naked and read together.

Source: Ananova

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