Episode 55 – “Someone PLEASE Get Me Some Cornbread!”

I went rock climbing in the wild today! I pissed off a crow and twisted my ankle. A friend was throwing leaves at me and I thought they were bees… so, I jumped. This German dude on our show jumped too; and he landed on a lady who had jumped the day before. Some other guy went and poo’d in a kid’s birthday basket. Normally, I would laugh, but the basket was full of DS games! There was also a group of people making a pr0n film at a McDonalds. None of this happened in the woods, but we do cover it all during our awesome show of DOOM!

Factoid of the Week:
Every eight years the moon moves one inch away from the earth

Wife Swap; Goat Addition
The Perils of Internet Dating
A Rose by any other Name
Snake Shift
Poo Basket!
Would You Like a Side of Pr0n W/ That?
Thanks For Breaking My Fall
You’re Doing it WRONG
The things used as weapons category

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Running Time: 1 Hour

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