Alcohol and Knives Don’t Mix

A Russian electrician came away from a great night out drinking with his buddies only to find that he had a large knife driven four inches into his back. Yuri Laylin, 53, and some buddies were playing a variation of Russian roulette that led to the knife being shoved into his back. Russian roulette has never made much sense to me, and I don’t guess I would be a big fan of ANY variation of the incredibly stupid game. This variation of it is a pretty simple game really. You get a few friends together, get wasted, tie a blindfold around one guys eyes, give him a knife, then dance around him while he makes stabbing motions at you. Sounds like an exciting night!
Yuri said that he had no idea that he had been stabbed and that he never felt any pain. Alcohol definitely has a way of making you feel ten foot tall and bullet proof, but trust me, you’re not. He came home and went to bed just like any other night, but woke up to his wife screaming and realized that he had the knife in his back. After a rough night like that, you don’t want to wake up at all, much less to someone screaming right beside you. I can only imagine the pain he must’ve been in after that!

He said: “We had a few vodkas and I remember playing some silly games and someone had a large knife. I came home, went to sleep as usual and woke up when my wife started screaming. Only then did I realize what had happened.”

Doctors who treated Yuri said that the knife had gone four inches into his back but missed any vital organs. He was very lucky to have been drunk as well. The doctors say that had he not been so intoxicated, he would have been in a lot of pain. You don’t say!? Yuri’s friend, aka attacker, reported the crime to the police himself, but Yuri says he holds no ill will towards the man.

We have event similar to this right here in America. The only difference is that the game we play involves a bunch of drunk rednecks and a pissed off rattlesnake. It’s probably not the best idea, and I wouldn’t participate, but most accidents that occur involving rattlesnake bites are due to this drunken game. Stay away from alcohol, unless you are nearly plenty of sober people who can attempt to keep you from being a total idiot.

Source: Ananova

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  1. You know, I have actually read (and seen) a lot of stories about ppl getting stabbed — normally in the back/shoulder blade/back of the neck area — and not realizing it till someone pointed it out to them.
    One older woman was stabbed in the back of the neck and didnt have a clue until she came home to take her coat off… and it was stuck :p

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