Retired Superheroes Need Jobs Too!

Looks like our friendly neighborhood web slinger has moved on from fighting crime to…washing windows? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the heroes of yesteryear are getting old, and finding themselves needing some kind of compensation other than the cheers and shouts of children and comic book nerds. Spider-Man has taken up an occupation that allows him to use his powers, but in a more relaxed environment. The once protector of New York is now window washing in China! From the looks of it, there is more than one Spider-Man and together they are making a difference for dirty windows everywhere
Let’s bring it back down to earth now that I’ve got you interested and I’ll tell you the real story. A five star hotel in China has hired window washers and dressed them up as Spider-Man to keep from scaring the guests. If you ask me, I think a guy dressed as Spider-Man would scare me way more than any coverall wearing normal guy. I think I can hear the guests screaming now as they see the masked man swinging back and forth in front of their window.

The hotel is actually very surprised of the amount of attention they have received for the web slinging window washers. Who would have thought that guys dressed as one of the worlds most recognizable characters would attract any kind of attention? I can only hope that this brings that hotel more business. Maybe more hotels will start hiring down-and-out super heroes to do all the dirty work. How awesome would it be to see Batman coming in to change the sheets?!

2 thoughts on “Retired Superheroes Need Jobs Too!”

  1. I dunno how I feel about this discrimination. I would definitely prefer Batman climbing outside my window… naked… with nipple clamps 😀

  2. Oh wow….once again with the too much information! I’m pretty sure Batman would avoid nipple clamps if at all possible…and it might make the window washing kind of difficult

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