Shaken, and a Little Stirred

James Bond is my hero (he shares a spot on a mile-high pedestal with Batman). He drinks with no repercussion to his liver, he spies with no mind to who knows it, and he drives a damn fine car. For his new movie, however, he wrecked a damn fine car off of a cliff and into 150 feet worth of water — and was then fined for barely surviving.

British engineer Fraser Dunn, 29, was left shaken and more than a little stirred after the £134,000 ($265,000) Aston Martin DBS slid off the road and plunged into Lake Garda in northern Italy, where filming is taking place on the new Bond movie Quantum of Solace.

Dunn was knocked out in the crash, but came to in time to swim the 150 feet to the surface. When police figured he was going to live, they slapped him with an $800 fine for reckless driving. The police chief, Marco Zucchelli, said that he was required to issue the ticket because Dunn lost control of the vehicle.

Obviously, Mr. Zucchelli has never seen a James Bond movie or read one of Ian Flemming’s masterpieces. Of course Dunn was driving recklessly! That is what he gets paid to do! Dunn should have set fire to the ticket and used it to light his very expensive cigar a la the spy he was acting as driving double for. Instead, Dunn is quoted as saying:

“Apart from a few bruises, though, I am fine. It’s actually very embarrassing and I’d like to try and forget the whole thing.”

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