He Was HOW Big?!?

I read a story today that literally made my jaw drop open in surprise. I didn’t realize that people were capable of growing to the sizes of the man I’m about to talk about. I may be behind the times on this story, since it appears he’s been well known since 2006, but I felt the need to let out my complete surprise at how something like this could happen to someone. Meet Manuel Uribe, a Mexican computer technician who once held the record as the worlds most heaviest man.
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It’s Cheaper Than A Casket!

In America, we have a handful of home grown inventions that we can really be proud of: the lightbulb, the telephone, and Pringles. Not just the chips themselves, mind you, but also the can that made them famous. Yes, the Pringles can is a staple of American culture and has been one of the most important inventions of our time. You can put socks in it, t-shirts, potato chips, and finally someone has done something unconventional with it: they buried their father inside the can.
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eBay Baby

There are tons of weird things put up for auction on eBay every hour. There have been Jesus Pancakes, Mastodon Bones, and even “New Folders” for your Windows OS. I can’t say I’ve ever seen anyone offer up their baby, however — until now. Yes, dear readers, on Saturday, May 24th an eight-month-old child was offered up for bids on eBay. The German couple, apparently thinking changing diapers was not all it was cracked up to be, decided that they wanted to see if anyone would bid for their child. Continue reading “eBay Baby”

Wedding Exam

Every little girl (except me, of course) dreams about the perfect wedding. They fill the seats with stuffed animals and unicorns and draw up the most ridiculous dresses imaginable to be wed in. When the time actually comes to start planning a wedding for reals the women go insane and start demanding specifically colored table clothes that match their specifically colored invitations that no one gave a second glance to. The point is that women are insane while planning their wedding. Most of them–unless they are mentally unstable–never considered having “the big day” at a school, especially right after a final exam. Chinese bride, Luo Yingchao decided to do just that, however.
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Doctor Wants Frenchies To Fart

I’m a huge proponent of letting your gas go, however, I do think it necessary to be subtle about it. Nobody wants to see you tilt your body and aim it at the dude next to your, or let one fly and announce it with pride to everyone around you. One doctor from france, on the other hand, believes that you should let it go regardless of the circumstances. He believes that holding in gas can cause many illnesses including cancer! This is terrible news for women, who I have discovered after years of research never ever fart!
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Barbie Poses Danger

Ok, I admit it. I used to play with Barbies when I was younger. I would cram them into Barbie cars, soak them in Barbie pools, and shove Barbie food down their Barbie throats. I also stripped them naked and painted boobs onto them with nail polish. That, however, is a totally different story. The point of my random rant? Barbies are a normal part of growing up in the United States. Every little girl has one, wants one, or ripped the head off of one at some point in their life. Iran, on the other hand, sees Barbie as more of a WMD. Continue reading “Barbie Poses Danger”

Scuba Puppy Mondex

People do weird things with their dogs, for their dogs, and because of their dogs. You know the types; the ones that carry their dogs in their specially designed $500 a stitch baby skin purses. Perhaps you’ve seen the ones that have costumes made up for their precious little carpet wetters. Little fluffy yappers trotting around with Christmas sweaters or scuba suits. Wait, what? Scuba suits? Indeed.
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Retired Superheroes Need Jobs Too!

Looks like our friendly neighborhood web slinger has moved on from fighting crime to…washing windows? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the heroes of yesteryear are getting old, and finding themselves needing some kind of compensation other than the cheers and shouts of children and comic book nerds. Spider-Man has taken up an occupation that allows him to use his powers, but in a more relaxed environment. The once protector of New York is now window washing in China! From the looks of it, there is more than one Spider-Man and together they are making a difference for dirty windows everywhere
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Sheep Mowers

I’ve always wondered why we had lawn mowers when so many animals eat grass. Apparently the town of Turin, Italy was wondering the same thing. Turin now employees 700 little, woolly sheep to keep their city parks neat and trim… and well fertilized.

Manager of the project, Federico Tombolato, said: “Using sheep is not only cheaper and more environmentally friendly, but we also get to sell them at the end of the process to raise more money.”

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