A Sticky Situation

When I was a kid, I used to love getting glue on my hands and having to peel it off. One of the best parts was trying to see if I could get the entire sticky film off my hands without it breaking. I never accomplished the feat, but I still managed to get a bunch off without it ever coming apart. Simple joys like this can get you through your younger years, but having a crap-ton of glue all over you can actually turn you off from the stuff completely. Just ask these Chinese firefighters!
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Wedding Exam

Every little girl (except me, of course) dreams about the perfect wedding. They fill the seats with stuffed animals and unicorns and draw up the most ridiculous dresses imaginable to be wed in. When the time actually comes to start planning a wedding for reals the women go insane and start demanding specifically colored table clothes that match their specifically colored invitations that no one gave a second glance to. The point is that women are insane while planning their wedding. Most of them–unless they are mentally unstable–never considered having “the big day” at a school, especially right after a final exam. Chinese bride, Luo Yingchao decided to do just that, however.
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Retired Superheroes Need Jobs Too!

Looks like our friendly neighborhood web slinger has moved on from fighting crime to…washing windows? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the heroes of yesteryear are getting old, and finding themselves needing some kind of compensation other than the cheers and shouts of children and comic book nerds. Spider-Man has taken up an occupation that allows him to use his powers, but in a more relaxed environment. The once protector of New York is now window washing in China! From the looks of it, there is more than one Spider-Man and together they are making a difference for dirty windows everywhere
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