He Da Devil!

A man who claims to be the devil scared the crap out of a bunch of Planet Hollywood patrons when he claimed he had a bomb and that “the whole world deserves to die.” The devil was once an employee of the popular restaurant chain and had been fired shortly before the incident. One can only guess why the management would choose to fire a guy who says he’s the devil.
Jason Davis, the devil’s mortal name, clearly has issues with social interaction and is what most of us would call a “nerd.” You know those guys who always say stupid things that make everybody in the room look shifty eyed at each other? He’s one of those. He is also only 21, but looks like he’s 30-something. 

“I scared a lot of people but I think I did it for the better good,” Jason Davis said. “I think I’m the devil. I have a mindset as a devil but I mean I’m a good guy trying to make the world a better place.”

Jason had walked into the restaurant to discuss getting his job back but was denied. He then dropped his backpack on the floor and said it had explosives in it. I don’t know what this has to do with making the world a better place, but to each his own I suppose. I would think that the devil would have more powers to blow up the place with than just having to use explosives. He could have melted it with fire from the sky or a giant demon like Ifrit from Final Fantasy. Now that’s a threat.

Source: Local6

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