Take my ass to prom??

ButtsWhat is better than inviting that really cute girl you like to prom? That’s easy! Asking her under a full moon! Well, 13 full moons to be exact.  In Ann Arbor Michigan, 13 high school lacrosse players were disciplined last Thursday for baring their bottoms on which was scribbled a prom invitation from one of the players to a girl.  Scribbled along this assortment of hairy, dimply, craters of stink were the words “Will You Go To The Prom With Me? Yes or No?”  Where were these guys when I was looking for friends?  That’s taking wingman to a whole different level! 

 The good news… Carolyn Campbell, the girl in question, was so impressed that she accepted by patting the back of the guy with the giant “Yes” on his bum.  The Bad news… School officials weren’t so impressed.  All 13 players were suspended for an undetermined amount of games, 1 day of school, and ordered to perform 20 hours of Community Service.

Apparently the “Check Yes or No” notes we use to write back in middle school just won’t cut it anymore. Now you have to push the envelope that much further.  So word to the wise, fancy handwriting and trendy haircuts won’t help you get lucky that one night of the year.  It’s the assholes (quite literally) renting the tuxes, and riding in the limos.  What did the happy Kristoff Wennersten think of being punished?

Wennersten said he understood the decision to discipline him and his teammates, adding, “I enjoyed every bit of it.”

Knowing my luck, if I was to get my friends to do something like this, we would discover that some of us are dyslexic.  We’d drop our drawers all synchronized like only to ask the most popular girl in school, “Will go to prom me with you??

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