Scuba Puppy Mondex

People do weird things with their dogs, for their dogs, and because of their dogs. You know the types; the ones that carry their dogs in their specially designed $500 a stitch baby skin purses. Perhaps you’ve seen the ones that have costumes made up for their precious little carpet wetters. Little fluffy yappers trotting around with Christmas sweaters or scuba suits. Wait, what? Scuba suits? Indeed.

Five-year-old Mondex wore a four-legged wetsuit, air bottle, four little flippers and goggles for the day.

He faced stiff competition from Tucker, another five-year-old chihuahua, who was dressed as a cowboy but eventually emerged victorious.

Rumours that [Mondex] is now set to pursue a career as a police frog-dog are understood to be wide of the mark.

Even more ridiculous than the scuba suit (although it is fairly accurate and does make me grin a tad) is the fact that there is a dog fashion show!? Believe it or not, this takes place in the Philippines and not downtown LA.

Next week: bring your lama to lunch day.


Author: Smashie

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3 thoughts on “Scuba Puppy Mondex”

  1. I immediately busted out laughing before I even read the story. That is the craziest dog picture I’ve ever seen! I wonder if this guy can really scuba 0_o

  2. This is awesome because Tony use to tell us about how they would steal dogs, cook them, and sell them to eat on a stick.

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