Take my ass to prom??

ButtsWhat is better than inviting that really cute girl you like to prom? That’s easy! Asking her under a full moon! Well, 13 full moons to be exact.  In Ann Arbor Michigan, 13 high school lacrosse players were disciplined last Thursday for baring their bottoms on which was scribbled a prom invitation from one of the players to a girl.  Scribbled along this assortment of hairy, dimply, craters of stink were the words “Will You Go To The Prom With Me? Yes or No?”  Where were these guys when I was looking for friends?  That’s taking wingman to a whole different level! 
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Postal Peckers!

When Turkeys Attack!Introducing the latest in mail carrier defense weaponry; The Water pistol. At least that is what the brave group of mail bringers in Madison Wisconsin are having to resort to. Apparently postal workers serving a neighborhood near Owen Conservation Park are being attacked daily by a pack of wild turkeys. Everyone has seen the movies about dogs chasing the mailman, but who would have thought turkeys would be the new super villains? These turkeys are still at large and have been accused of pecking their postal victims, as well as stabbing with spurs on their heels. One turkey actually climbed in the open door of one of the mail trucks and assaulted the driver, leaving the driver with scratch wounds.
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Went in for Great Value TP, came out with Jury Duty

You know you are in trouble when the judge begins summoning wal-mart shoppers for Jury Duty. In Lima Ohio, Judge Richard Warren, who was presiding over a child rape case, realized he had a problem when he ran out of prospective jurors. His Solution? Summon random people at the popular shopping destinations.
Judge Warren dispatched the sheriff to serve more Jury Duty Summons at the local Wal-Mart, shopping mall, and supermarket. The sheriff and 3 deputies questioned unsuspecting mall shoppers about their county of residence and voter status.

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