Episode 97: “I Can Poop When I Want To”

business-chimpI hold in my hands the coolest looking candy stick I have ever seen. It is a rainbow candy cane (well, a stick because there is no hook) and I totally didnt want to eat it because it looks so My Little Ponyish. My sister got it for me (along with hello kitty swag!) from PA last weekend. Also, it is nommy.
Well, this week was apparently animal week for HnH. Specifically dogs for some reason… attack dogs, dead dogs (zombie bow wow!), nose eating dogs, dogs named after political figures that have intestinal issues all over my neighbors home, dogs that marry 2 year olds in order to stave off tiger attacks… you name it we ramble about it!

Factoid of the Week:
Along with Klingon, the Bible has also been produced in Vulcan and Romulan

So Pwnd
Wee Hill
Crazy Monkey Rampage!
Helmet Hair (for realZ!1)
Attack Cha Who A Who A
Dead Freaking Dog
 You married my son to a what!?
Chilly Place, Not Fire Place
Mad Dash is Old Hat
Wedgie Take Down

Download it Here! (Right-click, Save As…)
Running Time:  1:13:47

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