Episode 98: “It’s Like a Straight Candy Cane”

watchpeanuts1HnH welcomes Jeebee and Bootsack to the chat! Today has been the weirdest day. I had to take the cat to the vet, i got an order from fedeX, but half of it was missing, a squirrel tried to attack me when I was driving home, and then some random person showed up in my driveway during the middle of the show o_O
That’s not as bad as being stabbed in the bum in the middle of church, getting locked INSIDE a car while trying to steal it, warm, wet holes, and naked SWAT teams!

Factoid of the Week:
Relative to body size, crows have the largest brains of any bird

Ur Computer HaZ WormZ
I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff and I’ll BURN Your House Down
Now that is an irrational response 0_o
I Saw This In A Movie Once
Sometimes All You Need Is A Warm, Wet Hole
Naked SWAT Party!
Seriously! WTF!?
Hat Dance Butt Stab

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Running Time: 1:15:11

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