Episode 112 – J is for Jenitalia

rhino_lovinOk, so, I went bike riding last night to get some exercise in. I hadn’t been in ages, but it was a perfect evening to go get some ridage in. Anyway, I woke up this morning and my pelvic bones were like… bruised. I sat up and pondered wtf I had done last night to make myself sore (and since all the guys I know are out of town I was thinking REALLY hard!) and I finally came up with the bike. My bike RAPED me.
At least it didnt bite my finger off, or taze me, or tell me I couldn’t dance around a pole, or garden in the buff! 😀

Factoid of the Week:
It would take 20 new midsize cars to produce the same amount of pollution as a 1960’s midsize car

Heed Your Own Advice!
Fail Whale!
Support for the Man-Boobs
SOAP BOX: Dirty Pole Dancing Hippies
You’re a Nation!
Sexy Garden
There’s just something sexy about them…
Circus of Dead Squirrels

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Running Time: 1:29:30

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