Episode 149 – Big Bob’s Bacon and Beer

My cat is balanced on her back legs and staring into the mirror like she is looking through it. I must say this is horribly creepy as I cannot help but think about “Through the Looking Glass”. If something pops out mid sentence and eats me I am going to be VERY pissed. Well, before I am devoured by the Red Queen’s pet I will tell you about the show. The show was… actually, I couldn’t tell you. We talked about monkey drug addicts, and old women who climbed buildings, and people stabbing people and then themselves, but I was rather preoccupied with Shelfari and how many books I have read. I have read so many books! I am awesome! BOW TO…. omg the mirror monstas/df.sadfFactoid of the Week:
The points of light that you see behind your eyelids when you shut your eyes really hard are called Phosphenes.

Spider Gran
Don’t Dance and Drive
This is why the dentist SUCKS
Monkey Druggie
Knifin’ Around
No Deoderant…rant
Identification by bum
61mill Shack
Medusa Boobs

Download it Here! (Right-click, Save as…)
Running Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes

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