Episode 207 – The Elusive Squee

So, I woke up 5 hours before I normally do today… and couldnt go back of sleep. So, I just stayed up and actually accomplished things. I went to the bank and closed my account (Im not paying their newly instituted fee for checking), and went to another bank to open an account… and they were closed! Boo. So now I have all my cash out of the bank and it’s making me nervous. I also wanna buy shyte online… and I can’t without a checking account! Oh! AND I got flowers today ^_^ Buddy of mine brought them over. They were pretty >^_^<
Factoid of the Week
Men who kiss their wives in the morning live five years longer than those who don’t.

Tanks Fo’ Dah Free Parking
Man Loses $5000
Sperm Sniffing Dog
Nipple Footy

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Running Time: 1:27:39

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