Episode 261 – Shake, Shake, Shake

pop-tartsI made my own Kale Chips! They are delicious (and not 7 bloody dollars for a small box of about 10 chips). We’ve a garden out back and we have a TON of kale, so it just makes sense to cover them in vegan cheese and dehydrate them 😀 I put a lot of cayenne pepper in this batch so no one would eat them save for me ^_^ Also, we are looking to have a special guest in the next few weeks! Stay tuned for details!
Factoid of the Week
Bruce Lee could perform one hand push-ups using only his thumb and index, perform 50 reps of one arm chin-ups, and throw a single grain of rice in the air and catch it with chop sticks.

That Sweet, Sweet Money
Po-Pop Pop Tarts
Virgin Tv
The Hair Up there

Words of Wisdom
You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. – C.S. Lewis

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Running Time: 1:33:39

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