Episode 262 – Frosty Day in Hades

tarantulaWhy is getting ahold of information through a school like attempting brain surgery while you’re sick? Shouldn’t information flow FREELY from a place of learning? Instead, you have to talk to people that must have just rolled out of bed with a hangover. They never know what you’re talking about or where they even are. They transfer you 50 different places and no one is ever at their desk. It’s like walking a maze lined with glass barefoot with your eyes gouged out.
Factoid of the Week:
Studies have shown that you’re never more than ten feet away from a spider, and one estimate puts you as close as three feet. To be “spider-free” you’d have to go into space in a fumigated capsule.

Skilled Workers Wanted
Woman’s Surprise Deliver
Town Ships Poo Back
Breastmilk Flavored Lollies

Words of Wisdom:
Absence is to love what wind is to fire; it extinguishes the small, it enkindles the great.
– Roger de Rabutin

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Running Time: 1:42:55

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