Episode 426 – Anthropomorphized Sparkles

I’ve gotten my wardrobe pared down to things I actually wear (donated everything I did not wear!), so I decided to organize and clean up my closet a bit. I hanged everything in order, folded everything that needed folded, and moved winter things to areas that I could reach, but wouldn’t have to sort through to reach Spring/Summer clothing.  I stepped back from my creation to see that nothing I have is bright and cheery… it’s all dark (very dark). The “brightest” things I have are a couple dark-wine colored tanks, a pair of deep olive shorts, and the silver band that wraps the neck of a black maxi-dress… So… yeah. Yay Spring.

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Factoid of the Week:
Granite is a natural source of radiation, containing 10-20 uranium parts per million.

Student banned from graduation over prank to sell school on Craigslist
Florida man caught masturbating tells police he’s Captain Kirk from ‘Star Trek’
Mussels test positive for opioids and chemo drugs

Words of Wisdom:
The drops of rain make a hole in the stone, not by violence, but by oft falling. -Lucretius

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