After The Blast – Episode 5

Stephen and I have lost our minds. We are tired and laughing at everything. We sang about snakes on a star… and then I almost peed my pants laughing. We rambled on about Red Sonja, James Bond, Superman books, New Watchman preview in front of the James Bond movie so freaking excited!!), DragonLance Books. Coleman and Vash called in and argued over Orca and G1. I want to sleep now! Join us next week and call in for comics, movies, your mom and more!
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Running Time: 1 Hour

After the Blast 4 – Feat. Chris Moreno!

Chris Moreno joined us for an awesome (Stephen’s favorite word) hour of geekdom. The super comic artist was cool enough to skype us for this session of after the blast. Stephen and I were super excited to have him on, and it went really well! We talked about comic convention etiquette, animal feelings, all of his insane projects, and how friggen stupid Wicker Man was.
Chris Moreno’s work can be found at these places on the web:

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Running Time:  1:10:45

After The Blast – Episode 3

So, we went to Kroger and got chips, twix, pancake mix, and cinnamon buns (which Stephanie proceeded to burn) after our After the Blast segment. I am very, very happy! This show is turning out to be a lot of fun! We have some wicked regulars that make the chat sessions amazing and a fruitful expedition in expanding your mind to new movies, music, and novels. Next week we are freaking STOKED because Chris Moreno is coming on the show to talk about his upcoming projects! We rambled on about Indy 5 (ugh), Watchmen, Madame Xandue, Blindness, Eagle Eye, and a ton of other wonderful crap that you need to know!
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Running Time: 1:15

After the Blast – Episode ONE!

Since Stephen and I have started hanging out in the chat after the show, we have covered a lot of fun and interesting topics! Comics, movies, books, podcasts, directors, music, technology, fuzzy hand cuffs vs. leather bondage cuffs… you know, perfectly normal things. It has really been a blast — har har. We decided that the conversations needed recorded because of their awesomeness. So, join us in the chats after the show… even if you cannot make the actual show! We are a bit more relaxed, and there is no format. We talk about whatever is brought up in chat and then some. Special thanks to all our regulars… you make it so much fun to do what we do!
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Garfield Fo’ Real!

When I was in high school I used to draw Garfield all the time. I religiously read the comics every morning before I dragged myself to class, and I bought all the compilations so I could enjoy the comic in color every day. In short, I am a fan of that huge, fat cat. Much to my joy, Garfield lives; and in Italy no less!

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