Episode 59 – “Buttery Nipple Leftovers”

I would like to take the time to dedicate this episode to all the penguins out there… penguins that have been put into games where you see how far you can punt them with a polar bear and a bat. Penguins that have been put into weird CG movies and taught to dance (oddly) and sing (horribly). Penguins that do not look like penguins because the toy store manufacture has no idea what a penguin actually looks like. Lastly, and maybe most importantly, penguins that have been violated for 45 minutes by great, fat 245 seals. You’re doing it WRONG! Now you have to listen to the show because you are overly curious as to what I am prattling on about. 😀
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Episode 56 – Your Boobies Are Happy!

Another episode is out for your listening pleasure! This one cleverly escaped a gnome fortress where the creepy beings had it tied up in the rack for weeks on end. Little did they know that all the stretching and pulling made our episode just tall enough to reach the gnome-sized window and climbo out of the dungeon! Once it safely navigated the shark infested waters, it made its way home. Slightly bruised, and emotionally scarred, it has passed the rehabilitation process to make it more suitable for the world outside. Now we’re kicking it out on it’s own, where it can flap its wings and make you smile. So long as the gnomes don’t catch it again!
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