Episode 58 – “Caution: Riding Tortoise May Cause Burns”

Ok, so I am sitting in my apartment alone and depressed. My sister just took her final exam for her first year in Pharmacy School (so proud!), and my friends are all at work. But, I am going to listen to episode 58 and laugh at what a bunch of miscreants Stephen and I are, and I will be heartily cheered! 58’s content is deliciously hilarious, and is sure to make you wet yourself laughing. We have special art on the forum from Eryck Webb, and an amazing song done by our very own Frankie U. Check it out and be cheered along with me!
Factoid of the Week
Only 16% of able-bodied males in the 13 colonies fought in the American Revolution.

Crap and a car crash
Bad Judgement
Big Wheel Brutality
Gun Safety
Pregnancy Bloopers
Casual Friday just got more interesting
You may have a gambling problem if…
Football Fishie
You Cant Do That!?

Download it Here!
Running Time: 1:03:55

Author: Smashie

She's scatterbrained and filled with coconut oil at best.

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