Wedding Exam

Every little girl (except me, of course) dreams about the perfect wedding. They fill the seats with stuffed animals and unicorns and draw up the most ridiculous dresses imaginable to be wed in. When the time actually comes to start planning a wedding for reals the women go insane and start demanding specifically colored table clothes that match their specifically colored invitations that no one gave a second glance to. The point is that women are insane while planning their wedding. Most of them–unless they are mentally unstable–never considered having “the big day” at a school, especially right after a final exam. Chinese bride, Luo Yingchao decided to do just that, however.

Poor Luo found out that a compulsory test was to be scheduled on the same day as her big event.

But she and her finance Chu Moayang had long since booked their wedding for the same day – and all of their guests had been invited.

They decided to go ahead with the wedding – but switched the venue to her school in Zhengzhou city and the time to just after the test finished.

Personally, having a wedding (ew) in a school (double ew) sounds like my ideal of pure hell. Give me the fire and brimstone, please! I just have to sit back and giggle and all the months and months of planning that were evaporated with a freaking test. I’m sure Stephen will have something mooshy to say on the issue to counterbalance my sentiment. 😀


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One thought on “Wedding Exam”

  1. I think weddings are awesome! Not all of them though. Some people choose to have a 4 hour ceremony where only about 15 minutes of it really matters. Please, for the love of all things holy, just say “I DO!!” We don’t need somebody to sing, we don’t need special music, all we need to know is that you are married now.
    Receptions, however, are freaking awesome!

    Have no fear, Ashley. Mine and Steph’s wedding will be not only bearable, but also fun!

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