Episode 68 – “A Different Set of Boobs!”

Whoa! I totally apologize for the late release on this one. I spent most of last night in a ceremonial wrestling match with a squirrel ambassador and that little sucker put up a major fight! Who would have thought that a 6 inch tall rodent could fight like that? It was like watching the Karate Kid, and I was the kid from the Cobra Kai! Needless to say I was dead tired and slept through the release time, but this episode is definitely worth the wait! We’ve got drunk Aussies, oral sex competitions, and the infamous Goat Man!!
Factoid of the Week:
In your lifetime, you will spend the same amount of time blinking as you do eating.

And we thought Germans could get intoxicated!
The light! It burns!
Grandma whoops up on some wildlife!
That robber looks just like my dad!
Let’s have an oral argument!
And I thought it only had one use…
Toilets from the future!!
Nom Nom Nom Nom…

Download it Here! (Right-click, Save As…)
Running Time: 1 Hour

2 thoughts on “Episode 68 – “A Different Set of Boobs!””

  1. That was great! I was actually going to try and tune in this week but then I got excited for Dark Knight and I like left my house super early.

  2. I think we can completely forgive you since you went to see The Dark Knight :). Loved your review by the way! You totally captured what I thought about the movie. Yeah, it was amazing!

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