Episode 82 – “Where Do You Get That Much Ostrich”

I have laughed so hard the last two hours, that I’m pretty sure I am going to just throw up and die. My stomach is in pain, and I wanna curl up in bed and pass out. I spent three hours driving back up here, then another 30 going to a costume shop to get my hat for my costume, then sat for 2 more hours doing the shows. My butt hurts, I’m so tired… and I seriously just can’t laugh anymore. Woman attacks cops with a used girly item, a man pees on a dog in horny ire, a beach goes missing, and a man leaves his thumb at a brothel. I can has sleep now?
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Episode 74 – “Cute People Don’t Poop”

Here we are again with another episode that is Ashley-less, but that does NOT mean that it is fun-less! We had an absolute blast doing this show and loved the chat room participation this week. Major thanks to Vash and his little brother for lending us the Factoid of the Week sound. They did some great work and we loved it. This weeks episode is incredibly funny and has everything from a fearless cockapoo to underwire wielding suspected terrorists! Download and enjoy!

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Episode 73 – “I’m Dancing With My Mouth”

With Ashley out of commission, I am forced to have to write the introductory paragraph for this amazing show! I say forced like it’s a bad thing, but I’m just glad right now that I have a show to post! Stephanie joined us on this episode for a rip-roaring good time! The title stems from something Ash said when she was all drugged up and groggy right after surgery. Needless to say, Steph and I laughed at her a lot. This episode we have lots of naked people, boobs on bikes, and a pigeon with jailtime!
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Episode 68 – “A Different Set of Boobs!”

Whoa! I totally apologize for the late release on this one. I spent most of last night in a ceremonial wrestling match with a squirrel ambassador and that little sucker put up a major fight! Who would have thought that a 6 inch tall rodent could fight like that? It was like watching the Karate Kid, and I was the kid from the Cobra Kai! Needless to say I was dead tired and slept through the release time, but this episode is definitely worth the wait! We’ve got drunk Aussies, oral sex competitions, and the infamous Goat Man!!
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