Episode 57 – “Is That A Podcast In Your Pocket Or…”

My kitchen has exploded. I don’t mean a dish here and there… I mean full out, supernova, atom bomb, enough c-4 to level the planet, exploded. It has even thrown debris as far as my room. If anyone would care to volunteer to come tidy my apartment (ie fill it with water and swish it around for a bit), they would be more than welcome to. If not, you are still more than welcome to listen to the awesome show we have lined up for you this evening! We have the ultimate fight between lesbians and lesbos (what!?), the perks of supporting net neutrality (free sex!), and why you should not have sex with cows… Yeah.
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How Many Cows Died For This?

The biggest barbecue ever recorded was kicked off in Uruguay this weekend to promote the country’s number one export. The incredible event required a grill almost a mile long and 12 metric tonnes of beef! That’s a whole lot of meat! About 1,250 people were needed to cook the meat on the grill, which, if this was America, probably would amount to a whole lot of arguments over how to properly grill a steak. It’s a good thing these Uruguayans can get along, or else there might have been a few people steaks being served around.
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