Episode 70 – “Do Squirrels Have Nuts?”

The word “salad” implies something light and crunchy and yummy. So, when I made a taco salad, I was looking forward to not feeling like a very stuffed sausage afterwords. However, I apparently more taccoed and less saladed my taco salad… and I feel like a turkey on thanksgiving – stuffed. I also forgot what day it was today and barely made it home in time for the live show; which is not really the best thing in the world for a co-host to do! Anyway, the show was awesome and a special thanks to everyone that turned out! The show was a bit gross this week, eating bugs, being impaled in the groin by a rusty spike, having one’s penis fall off in the midst of sex… you know, pretty standard stories for us 😀 Continue reading “Episode 70 – “Do Squirrels Have Nuts?””