Episode 66 – “The Fire Burns Red!”

Stephen is up in good old, lame arse WV this weekend for one last show before I get my face rearranged via surgery. On July 10th I am having a freaking horrible 3 hour minimum surgery on my nose (nasal septal perforation… wtf?!) and I will be out cold that day… and probably that week. So, this was my farewell show for a good week or so; but I will be back after my short hiatus, if all goes well. Happy 4th of July to all those that live in the USA (and a small apology to those of a more British origin… we still love you). Enjoy the fireworks, the hotdogs, and the time with friends and family. Also, enjoy a man stabbing his mother with a fork, and clocking another woman with a frozen chicken, a robber that likes to hug his victims, and the poor woman who had her toes gnawed off by her stupid mini-dog. Ouch.
Happy Birthday USA!

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