Episode 83 – “The Moo Moo Inferno”

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, you worthless wretches of society; you scoundrels that feed on the underbelly of our world! I hope you enjoy dressing as whores and the damned; may your roamings lead to copious amounts of candy and alcohol… and may you wake up with the worst hangover you’ve had in three years Saturday morning. Sell your wife on a car site, more suicide squirrels (these attacks are more and more frequent), squirrel on the menu, man gets stuck in toilet, dirty diaper BBQ, powdered milk bomb, and a mouse eating block of cheese!
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Episode 81 – “You Dead, And Then You Undead”

Ok, so, I’m sitting here thinking of what to write for our EIGHTY FIRST episode… and my sister jumps out of her seat, starts going “OOO, OH OH OH OH OooOooO!” and prancing her feet around. Thinking something was attacking her, I fling my laptop aside and jump up to. I look to my right and Stephen is STANDING on the chair he was previously sitting on. He didn’t want the fleck of dust (vicious creatures) that was attacking Stephanie to gnaw on his feet. Anyway, Stephen drank a gallon of coffee tonight and was really hyper, and we had a ton of really fun notes: tazer pig, flaming squirrel, drunk horse, diaper boxing gloves, and two cases of missing things (cows and nuts).
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Episode 80 – “It’s Nawt a Tumah!”

This was an amazing live episode, and I love every damn one of you for showing up, calling in, and chatting away on the site. We had a call in from Chris Moreno (yay fan girl!), and a crap ton of deliriously retarded notes. Well, I really… REALLY want a twix from Kroger, and in order to obtain said sweet nom noms I must finish and save this. So, without further adieu: a snake eating mouse, a head eating snake, a killer dolphin, a gang-banger stove, and a defenseless sheep are all on the agenda for this our EIGHTIETH episode!
Special thanks to Chris Moreno!

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Onward to my twiX!

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