Episode 69 – “Put This On Your Crotch”

Somehow — completely unintentional on our part, of course — we ended up having a ton of stories with the number 69 in it for our awesomely perverted 69th episode. 69 year old pool-o-phile, 1969 founding date of the Jim Smith foundation, 69 million cats, 69 thousand carp pedicures. Ok, so maybe I fudged the numbers a tad, but whose counting? I’m just glad to be back! 69 times happier to be back then you could even imagine. 😀
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Robbing the Dead

A 23-year-old from Spain woke up one day and decided that robbing a mortuary was an intelligent thing to do. Shockingly enough, as it turns out… it wasn’t.
Neighbors of the funeral home called in a disturbance to police when they heard the doors being forced open during the middle of the night.

Apparently, the sounds of the police arriving terrified the young would-be-thief into playing possum, and he laid out on the table normally used in wake viewings.
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