Episode 72 – “He Won’t Recognize Me By My Butt”

This is late. Just in case you were confused. We had a good reason for it being late, though. Stephen moved up here, so from now on we will have live shows! Granted, my face is finally getting rearranged this Thursday, so I won’t be in the game for at least a week. I ran out after the show to see Tropic Thunder. It was completely ridiculous… like our show this week! We found so many amazingly retarded people doing so many amazingly retarded things. Giant, inflatable poo, 20 min peep shows, Burger King baths, and train tunnels too small for the trains. I’ll miss you guys!
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Episode 63 – “Mmm, Hot Monkey Cleavage!”

I did this episode rather tipsy off my arse. I drank a bottle of Vampire Merlot that the wondiferous Brad B. got me for helping him carry heavy boxes. I think I shall forever to the show in a state of tipsyness. Stephen also did the show live (from his end) via camera and sticham on the site! This will probably become the trend. My room is a mess… someone come clean it immediately. Or you could check out our show and get paid to watch pr0n, have your penis bitten by a snake, have a baby you didn’t know you were carrying while wearing a bumble bee suit, or be chased away from your meal by a bear.
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Episode 62 – “Porkchop Sandwiches!”

This week has been insane. I spent 24 hours straight (2 breaks for food) helping a friend move from his apartment (he had more crap then you could possibly imagine), came back home (3 hour drive) only to take my mum to the hospital! Pure Crap! Combine this with working and my mum’s broken foot and you have a recipe for no spare time! Good thing I have Stephen and H&H to turn to or I would be doing some BASE jumping without a chute. This week brings us a man who thought a porta-potty was a swimming pool, gassless sheep, an unhomeless homeless woman, and a naked maid that no one thought to watch clean.
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